storyteller with wicked fantasy

I like to create things and I have a wild imagination, so it's clear that I just have to write short stories. Unfortunately, it has its pitfalls, which make my work very sparse and irregular: Only sexual fantasies would find the reader, so it is worth writing only them. For some ideas, I get looped and keep changing, adjusting, adding details to make the experience perfect, and then it's hard to choose one storyline to write down. And last but not least, the fantasy is not always unique enough, different from any previous story.

So why do I write them at all? Just for myself to satisfy my need to create something and sometimes to leave the loop of the imagination. But also to share my fantasies with others as an inspiration. Sometimes I send them to my slaves, sometimes to dominants or friends, and sometimes Master Drex surprises me with an action unexpectedly similar to my short story.

Let me add that sometimes they are pure fantasies for self-satisfaction, sometimes purposeful inspiration hoping for fulfillment. Sometimes they are inspired by a photo or a mention, other times by my own experience to make the thing complete. Exceptionally, they are directly based on my own experience, but then it is clearly stated. In any other cases, you shouldn't connect me with anything that happens in the stories.

Unfortunatelly, all stories are available only in Czech.