slave owned and proud

This side of me has attracted me since I started discovering my sexuality. That's why I tried it for the first time just two days after my first sex. And both of these experiences taught me two essential things in life. First, it doesn't make sense to just go with anyone, but it should be someone capable who will show me the real essence and who will care whether we both enjoy it. And second, there's no point in pretending and trying to do something I can't. It's better to learn it properly first.

I planned my first BDSM experience in a dominant role, but as an inexperienced newcomer I failed and didn't even know what was needed, let alone where to start. I quickly found out the second role was more natural to me, at least until I felt, looked into and understood everything of it. And this discovery is still one of the basic things for me in BDSM sex. And actually even in normal sex, where there isn't much to discover, and that's why I can't imagine sex without BDSM any more.

I've tried quite a bit, but there's still something to discover. And not only different activities, but also different approaches. That is why I also had several Sirs. I have been a slave to Master Drex since April 2017 and I am very satisfied and I believe that he is with me as well. We both like to discover, experiment, but at the same time we make sure that all participants enjoy it to the fullest. Plus, we're both exhibitionists, so we're happy to share our pleasure with others.