pup who curious but lazy

I enjoy puppy play since I started being sexually active. In fact, even before that when I was looking for porn as a teenager, I was quite interested in a boy with a collar by a dog bowl. Back then I didn't know what it was. But when I started having sex, I immediately started doing BDSM and after a few months I tried to play the dog out of chance and curiosity.

And that was it. The slave had to be obedient, accurate, full of "Yes, Sir," and that didn't suit and help me as an introvert seeking escape. But a dog can have his own soul, sometimes playful, sometimes lazy, sometimes obedient, and everything is natural and right. And most importantly, a dog doesn't have to talk. No balance and internal conversations, just barking or whining. And those come instinctively on their own, if you have a piece of dog in you.

Most of all, I found out that the dog's soul can manifest itself outside the bedroom and sexual games as well. Releasing him in a conversation with friends is very easy and liberating. And my friends weren't surprised - they had told me before that I had dog eyes, so it was just a slight enlargement.

As for my nature, I imagine myself as Shiba Inu, who is cute, friendly, but sensible to smart, clean, patient, and sometimes too energetic. And even though I have a partner and Sir, My dog self is without an owner. But I don't mind. I can have fun like that.