organizer of czech puppies

I used to be a board member of a leather club, where I was an advisory voice, designer, international ambassador and translator. We organized many interesting events for leathermen, including two elections of Mr. Leather CZ, we met leathermen from all over Europe and brought our Czech association to the European ECMC community. In time, however, we handed over the association to younger hands, in which the association soon ended completely.

But I devoted myself all the time to another community as well. Already in 2010, I created the Jsem‑ website, which brought together interesting articles, short stories and links on the topic of dogplay. However, the dogs attracted by the site called for more opportunities to get to know each other and communicate, so the site soon expanded to a complete dating site with private messages, galleries, adverts, discussions and many other features.

After leaving the board of leather club, there was more time to organize events for dogs. Within the BDSM club, I helped with dog-play workshop and it was repeated many times due to great reception. In addition, I started more community gatherings, walks, the website anniversaries and, since 2017, the election of Mr. Puppy CZ, which I hosted in the beginning. The work was increasing, so I am glad to be able to share the organization with the titleholders of Mr. Puppy CZ and other skillful friends.

Now I'm slowly thinking about handing over the organization to the younger ones completely. This time, I have no doubt that they would lead the community successfully. But as far as I know myself, I'd soon start looking around at what I could organize next.