master & handler of pups pack

Although being submissive is more natural for me, I like to use my experience of the role when playing with younger submissives and dogs. And when I say play, it's probably the main thing that expresses my dominant role. I am not a tought dominant who would abuse, humiliate and harm his counterpart. I prefer wit, fun and most of all a shared experience. The submissive must enjoy it to the fullest, and at the same time I watch its enjoyment, because then I will enjoy it thanks to my good ability to empathize. Strange as it sounds, playing with the submissive somehow satisfies my own submissive side.

But not only that, such playing also satisfies the human ego a lot, which is not very strong for me, but that is why it needs to be caressed from time to time. And there is nothing better for the ego of Sir than watching his submissive overcoming discomfort and pain to please Sir with his obedience and devotion. Not mentioning having a young obedient boy in one's hands is a beauty in itself, even if there wouldn't be any playing.

But, as has been said, it is not just my satisfaction, but the satisfaction of the submissives. And I like to use all my hard-earned experience and pass on the pleasure that I experienced myself before, whether in the field of BDSM or dogplay. In addition, everything done responsibly, according to their wishes and mood. The approach worked for me and thanks to that I got a great pack, bigger than I could imagine in the beginning. And they are all not only playful cuddly dogs, but also inquisitive obedient submissives, so we are ready for every fun together.