online addict and my contacts

As an introvert, I'm rather quiet in a face-to-face meeting, but the more I live on the Internet. I don't go to dating websites much lately, but I follow social networks almost constantly, and I often get lost in discussions on various websites. I'm there mostly as igamenir or igy, but sometimes you can find me under my real name.

I use Facebook mainly for my family and friends, I just don't add anyone there. Anyone can watch me on Instagram, which is why I put rather random things there, nothing private. On the contrary, on Twitter, I share intimate things around my BDSM personality.

You won'T see me in dating sites like iBoys and Romeo much lately and I visit Grindr even less, mostly when travelling. More often I go to NaKluky, but only for a discussion in the Counseling Center, not to meeting anyone. Of course you can find me on my dating site Jsem-Pes and recently I came across PupSpace, whose charm and usefulness I am just discovering.

A site worth mentioning is also bdsmlr, where I only go horny to share photos that inspire me and maybe provide inspiration to someone around me.